Category: App developments


You want tipoffs? We’ve got tipoffs.

Special delivery

Signed, sealed, delivered.

Midsummer missive

A way with words.

Solution by sharing

A tile of destiny.

Compound words

Think small.

Rare bears

Do not adjust your set.

Pecan you spell?

With a special appearance by a hefty in-season muskmelon.

Shell game

We spell sea shells.

Subway spells

We may be coming to your town.

Hypnotic spell

We’re on a roll.

English composition

Read (and write) between the lines.

Blossom time

Einstein tiles too!

Obstacle course ahead

Strength through adversity.


Fill that bracket.

Verbal veggies

We’ve always said you can play with your food.

Push yourself

Find your sweet spot.

A box of chocolates

You never know.

Fearful asymmetry

A balancing act.

Elements of tile

The whole is greater.

A chilly spell

A special recipe.

Spelling a pane?

We do windows.

Evolving language

We’re guessing these phonies won’t survive. Just a hunch.

We try AI

We embiggen the wordlist with new additions.

Beyond words

And who can forget the hit song, Someday Soon, Cincy?

Words from the heart

We heart this game.

Don’t look now

…but you can score on autopilot.

Old, new, bold, and out of the blue

What works, and what’s in the works.

A moderated discussion

Game tips and a peek behind the scenes.

Version 1.4.5 – we recommend portrait mode

If you’ve had problems, read on to make things work again.

Lots available in LL

Een? Ere? We know, Ouch. Anyway, V not afraid of LL beans.

Coming soon

Ensuring promptness.

Testing, 1-2-3-4: A behind-the-beans look

Mayo words be long and scores be higher than Blu.

Version 1.4.0 released

Thanks for standing by.

Two ways to play

More than a hill of beans.

New version released

We had a small window to submit in and made it. More coming after Apple returns from vacation.

Hold off on updating or downloading

We’ll keep you updated.

Closer to cloning

Though we may cut a few corners.

Futura plans

Initial installation on Android emulator shows no glaring problems.

Another robot writeup red-penner

Read about LEMUR-3, Ice Worm, RoboSimian, and micro-climbers, all inspired by nature.

Word is out

It’s great to be on the App Store!

Think of it as a glass bottle of ketchup by the BBQ

Or a tight jar of pickles. Occasionally maddening, but dillicious and worth the wait.

To your own devices

Got an iPad Pro 12.9-inch (3rd generation)? We’re getting you covered.