A box of chocolates

If you enjoy word games and love chocolate, today’s Valentine variation mockup might just be love at first write. Come along on a factory tour and mind the vats as we marry words and chocolate into melty mouthwatering word bars. After that, bite into a heartful product that’s already in your hands if you’ve got the app. That would be Love Letters candy hearts, with their own unique twist – multicolored short words score more. Long-press “New Game” and swipe to bring that or any current variation up. In each case here, you can tell Blu Yonder’s (your opponent’s) results with the same letters and candies by the blue top bar. Blu used its decaf Spell the Coffee mode. Check out a bonus mockup game at the bottom, too!

We’ll fill things out with a few faux-cabulary words – nonsense nougats that stood out and lacked definition, so definitions we gave. No points, but a fun optional sideshow of the game, kind of like a comic with your bubble gum. As with all our demo versions, it’s a quick boilerplate sketch of what an actual release might look like, hard-to-read print, chocolate smudges and all. In this first game, we ended up wasting quite a few good letters to boot. But putting words in your mouth may never be easier for now, so dig in. Like any good box of chocolates, some pieces may end up with a scoring surprise inside, but it’s WYSIWYG at the moment. Brown wrappers actually touching indicate connecting letters.

Box of Valentine chocolate mockup - user screenshot
Unlike here, which chocolates accept letters would be clearly shown, and letters would stand out.

You did not see that

Zorates: Hypothesized units of gnawing embarrassment and subsequent feigning ignorance when a pet or family member does something face-palmingly cringeworthy in the background of an online conference, video chat, etc.
Postary: (Noun, uncountable) The cumulative verbiage of messaging, comments, etc. of a single post (thread) on the internet or social media.
Zory: (Adjective) Describes the goosebumpy, singularly tortured feeling when hearing an annoying sound such as the rubbing of styrofoam.

Box of Valentine chocolate mockup - Blu Yonder screenshot
Some chocolates had a tendency to disappear during prototype production.

Spaneray: A style of flamenco dance characterized by waving or twirling a cloth or skirt with the flapping motion of an ocean ray’s wings.
Ersen: The phenomenon of suddenly recalling, in the middle of the day, a scene from a dream you’d previously not recalled at all.
Fah: Expression of doubt or disbelief: Fah! As if there’s any such thing as Santax. (see below)

Valentine Love Letters - user screenshot
Tough letters this time. Variety definitely makes this game sweeter.

Once is enough

Famoth: Hunger or craving for a food you only actually eat a little of before not wanting any more for a considerable time. E.g., liverwurst, maple syrup, cranberry sauce, vegetable juice, pickles, plums, bananas, fig cookies, marshmallows, tapioca, raisins, etc.
Vix: The angst of wanting your sports team to win a big game while dreading a loss or not wanting to jinx them by watching them play: I dealt with potentially debilitating vix by checking in online every so often during the game; If they were way ahead, I might watch for a bit.
Nomaw: A satiated state of being full (usually of food, as after famoth): Nomaw, honey. I’ve reached total nomaw on this jerky.

Valentine Love Letters - Blu Yonder screenshot

Santax: Medicine for stress from playing St. Nicholas: As soon as I get these strands of fake beard out of my mouth it’s two Santax with milk and cookies and straight to bed.
Ohigan: A point blanket-style sweater first popularized near the Ohio-Michigan border. Worn once a year by the Toledo Mudhens.
Natnag: A person who continually finds fault or complains, especially about others’ appearance: I thought that natnag would never let up about my Santa suit.

Football mockup - user screenshot
As with chocolates, a real version would clearly show which spots you could place letters in. The same goes for all mockups.

Football withdrawal fix

As the season enters the history books, football as up-close as you’ll probably ever need to get. Another prototype.

Murate: To muse slightly wistfully, hindsight being 20/20, on how impressed people must have been when an abandoned, overgrown eyesore you come upon (mall, amusement park, etc.) was new.
Lacretareum: A collection, exhibition or museum of milk mustaches.
Scalated: Having scales or a scaled pattern, as fish or roof shingles or slates. Some Mediterranean island homes actually combine the motifs, styling roofs after local catches.

Football mockup - Blu Yonder screenshot
Yep, this was a real ball. All told, the chocolate and football games were nearly a point-for-point dead heat, but someone had to prevail.

Cetacub: A whale, orca, narwhal, beluga, dolphin, porpoise or vaquita calf, especially as a sculptural figure.
Sutralent: Evocative, aphoristic, pithy, or otherwise eliciting philosophical thought.
Bedset: (Noun) 1. A set of bedding, nightstand, reading, lighting, stuffed cetacubs, etc., for the perfect slumber; 2. People who appreciate the value of a good bedset; (Adjective) Ready for bed, which we are. Good night. Don’t let the cetacubs bite.


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