Tag: randomness

Read the manual later

Let’s face it: Pictures are easier than user guides.


You want tipoffs? We’ve got tipoffs.

Special delivery

Signed, sealed, delivered.

Midsummer missive

A way with words.

Solution by sharing

A tile of destiny.

Compound words

Think small.

Rare bears

Do not adjust your set.

Pecan you spell?

With a special appearance by a hefty in-season muskmelon.

Shell game

We spell sea shells.

Subway spells

We may be coming to your town.

Hypnotic spell

We’re on a roll.

English composition

Read (and write) between the lines.

Blossom time

Einstein tiles too!

Obstacle course ahead

Strength through adversity.


Fill that bracket.

Verbal veggies

We’ve always said you can play with your food.

Push yourself

Find your sweet spot.

A box of chocolates

You never know.

Fearful asymmetry

A balancing act.

Elements of tile

The whole is greater.

A chilly spell

A special recipe.

Spelling a pane?

We do windows.

Evolving language

We’re guessing these phonies won’t survive. Just a hunch.

We try AI

We embiggen the wordlist with new additions.

Beyond words

And who can forget the hit song, Someday Soon, Cincy?

The append zone

More language in limbo.

Getting physical

Analog watching.

Words from the heart

We heart this game.

Don’t look now

…but you can score on autopilot.

More faux-cabulary

This could become a habit.

Fictionary words

This is a game of making words, right? Bonus aspic recipe included.

Think little

Take the no-look challenge.

Play’s place

Some work and some play.

The coffee speaks

When life gives you ditsy, roll with it. Long live Betty White.

Testing, 1-2-3-4: A behind-the-beans look

Mayo words be long and scores be higher than Blu.

Practically sublime

Everything you never knew you wanted to know.

Science is where you bump into it

We’ve got the scoop on the 2021 Ig Nobel Awards.

Signs of desire to communicate, though barriers to verbal agreement exist

The grammar police catch a police grammar misdemeanor.

Lost garbanzos and idiomatic transmission

It came down to shape, sharpness, and human history.

Bean there

Location, location, location.

Keep those letters coming

A word about the letters you see on Spell the Beans.