More faux-cabulary

It’s time for some more faux-cabulary fun and games with new sniglets, words that don’t exist but could or should, along with definitions from our Funky Wacky Dictionary. These all sprouted from beans and bubbles of actual STB games, as seen in screenshots below, starting with a bold use of X right in the middle of things. These nuggets didn’t score any points, but they shine in our sniglist here.

Detex: (Maybe this exists?) To take an unannounced break from texting or bloggi-
Brade: To gently brush the mane of a horse. Has a calming effect on both horse and human.
Lessum: (Colloquial) Used to accept an invitation to mutual activity: Play pool? Yeah, lessum!
Musselox: Strong beast that grows a hard outer shell in winter for hibernation in shallow coastal waters. The shell, of nearly the same material as the horns, is sometimes collected and saved for sledding after molting in spring.

Vacation time

Knuget: A hard, chestnut-based pretzel-like Scandinavian snack often served with cold beverages. Legend has it a Norse king’s tooth turned blue from nibbling one without care.
Plang: Reverberating sound made when a cartoon character slams into a just-closed door, or vice versa, the character often then taking on the flat characteristics of a door before falling flat on the floor.
Planegunk: Frequent flier nemesis. Refers to any material of unkown origin bequeathed from a previous passenger on a tray table, seat pocket, armrest, footrest, etc.
Getawait: Phenomenon of traffic delays experienced by large throngs of (often city-dwelling) travelers starting their vacation/apocalypse at the same time.
Waloo: A wise, diminutive, bearded wizard dispensing pithy advice on small rolled strips of paper from a gumball machine-like device. Got a problem? Ask the Great Waloo.

Clob: An amorphous clump or blob. Also, an indeterminate amount: That’s a clob of musselox molt, Ray. I didn’t just fall off a knuget truck, you know.
Pico: A unit of measurement for spaghetti westerns: ‘Another Handful of Beans’ rates a full 10 picos in my book. And the score. Oh, the score.
Demoose: To herd de elk from de forest to de open plain.

And from Blu Yonder…

Tacid: Deliberate, focused in slow but sure strategizing, as when faced with a serious task; Dispassionately determined and committed; Not given to impetuous mood swings: The room was tacid, as no one needed reminding of the gravity of the plight at hand.
Epdicate: To end or leave, as a career, at one’s peak.
Coepdicate: To epdicate in unison with colleague(s).


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