Video Guides

Check out Spell the Beans video guides. Currently, watch a short walkthrough showing main features of the app. Features a complete unrehearsed game, a yeoman rhythm section, and one shaky hand model. Blame it on the caffeine.

As well, see an example of our No-Look Challenge, where we randomly tap to prove you can think as much or as little as you want. This one was with Spell the Coffee. We ended up with 111 points, which is sometimes enough to beat Blu Yonder.

The third video in the series shows how your score can jump from mediocre to top-tier in one or two plays. Get tips and strategy, too, from this real-time recording of a Cyrano game. We pulled out a victory over Blu Yonder with a 200+ point swing on the last play. Right place, right time.

For the clearest possible picture, you may want to adjust playback quality in your YouTube settings (tap the gear icon in the video). Depending on your device and browser, the walkthrough and “Victory from the Jaws” are available at 1080p HD, and the No-Look Challenge can be seen in 4K.