Don’t look now

Today we take another look at the “no-look challenge,” seeing what turns up when we randomly tap our way through puzzles. It kind of gives you an idea of the “think as little as you want” part of our brand. As usual, bold type words are those we formed along the way.

Spell the Coffee No-look challenge with AMASS

Starting off, a Bean mode game netting 89 points. There were no really bad letters aside from two Hs. We were able to amass a mass of A and S words, though nope, the Is didn’t really have it.

Love Letters No-look challenge with SEWED

Hide and sheep

Next, again by way of special upcoming attraction preview, a Love Letters game that went into three digit territory. Remember, in the new Love Letters mode, words whose hearts are all different colors score bonus points. Even though our random tapping clumped a bunch of vowels together at center left, and several consonants below that, we still sewed up plenty of regular and bonus points that hid elsewhere. We herded up enough ewes for a wee town in New Zealand, hah hah.

Spell the Coffee No-look challenge with OWLS

Into Spell the Coffee mode we go for the next leave-it-to-luck adventure. Like the previous two, this one also has two Hs. Its letters were decent overall. Connecting the dots led to 59 points, which is nothing to hiss at under the circumstances. Anything with owls does figure to fly a little low.

Spell the Coffee No-look challenge with TUTEES

Always on the lookout

Another Coffee spill rounds out the set. We did get 74 out of this, even with a couple of Ys in the middle. Two Ts came in handy making, yes, tutees. We were surprised to see yeet, which the Merriam-Webster dictionary just added as a legitimate word, got thrown in there, though we haven’t added it to our wordlist yet, tut tut. Rest assured, we always have our eyes on new words.


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