Check out Spell the Beans screenshots on various devices. Blue top bars indicate Blu Yonder scores (your device’s results, using the same letters you used). The gallery here has had display issues, so for now excuse the 90s-type formatting on mobile, and possibly oddly-sized images. Screenshots of the latest mode Cyrano will be added shortly.

Our home-brewed graphics obviously lack the glitz you can buy with modern 3D engines and graphics, but they are cobbled with care in the wonderfulness of a dimly lit little one-room walk-up workshop where “round of funding” means an occasional free cup of coffee. No mugs, countertops or dishcloths were harmed, and no hearts broken, in the steadfast development of our quirky looks. We focus on substance first.

As some screenshots are made without recording notches or rounded corners, notched devices may appear to have an unusual amount of extra space at the top and bottom (or left and right in landscape orientation). Actual device appearance is not conspicuous (see middle shots showing bezels). Also, conversion to next-generation graphics has made all images on the site a little darker and less saturated.

On the wild side

Yeah, that last one is 543 points. It’s not called Blu Yonder for nothing. This time it didn’t hold back. Blu Yonder tends to be more tame and consistent in Spell the Coffee and Love Letters modes than Spell the Beans, so you can take your pick of opponents.

Spell the Beans screenshot (user) 283 points

…then Blu Yonder casually turned this out. Force indeed.

Spell the Beans screenshot Blu Yonder 543 points

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