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Time for another improbable installment of faux-cabulary, strings of letters that came up in games and screamed to be counted, but fell short of the mark. We help them in their appeal for recognition if not respectability, albeit in vain, with definitions they seem to evoke. These shadow words are destined to remain uncredited extras in our notable noughts append zone. The last two screenshots are Blu Yonder’s and our results for the same spill.

Faux-cabulary with QUASHERDINK

Brouhaha, ballyhoo, hullabaloo too

Orides: Exotic minerals with ambiguous properties mined from near-earth asteroids. Often fused with andides and/or andorides.
Madresh: A central Asian men’s jacket, occasionally worn with a subdued shart.
Quasherdink: A controversy or tussle usually involving several parties, rising in severity to somewhere between a kerfuffle and a donnybrook: The proposed change caused quite the quasherdink between the old-timers and the newcomers this year.

Faux-cabulary with ABACON

Cab to the future

Abacon: Ancient tablet writing device, still in use in some places. Forerunner of modern word processing.
Colesion: A self-inflicted bruise or scrape. See face-palm: Man, Rick had a nasty colesion on his head today. His desk’s got a bit of a dent in it too. Rough times.
Miroir: A dressing table with adjustable wing mirrors and immersive lighting.
Helocab: A retro-futuristic flying vehicle whose debut as a common mode of transportation is invariably jinxed forward approximately 10 to 20 years any time a blurb like this appears. As a metaphor, any self-dooming prophecy.

Faux-cabulary with ACROCK

Acrock: Mentally compromised; One rock short of a pile: I hate to say it, but I’m afraid ol’ Abner’s gone acrock. That quasherdink must’ve pushed him over the edge.
Acrosy: The characteristic (as a principle) of being able to take on different forms or applications while remaining in essence the same.
Vasetar: A dim celestial object having the appearance of shards of broken pottery or vases. Particularly common in the constellation Lynx (the Cat).

Blu Yonder Faux-cabulary with YERSTY

Yersty: Parched and dusty due to dry desert weather: The sign above the saloon doors said The Yersty Tumbleweed. Little did I know I was about to walk into a major quasherdink among the townsfolk. Dozens of broken chairs, bottles and bannisters later, I awoke on the floor with a six-pointed star pinned to my madresh.
Tillet: A movable crane-operated platform for moving heavy cargo on a loading dock or barge. Believed to have originated from the phrase “Tote them bales tillet hurts,” or similar.
Fellet: A small morsel of gourmet food, often inscrutable as to origin or nature (edible or decorative). Best left discreetly aside or rolled under a plate.
Irihate: To annoy by slightly mispronouncing, misspelling or grammatically misusing a word.

Faux-cabulary with FELLET


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