Rare bears

A few recent articles that caught our eye provided inspiration for today’s imagined game variation. Cameras set up in a nature reserve in China caught sight in February of an extremely rare albino giant panda. Experts suspect it’s a 5 or 6-year-old sibling of cubs it interacted with under their mother’s watchful eye. They’ve spotted it before, and are looking forward to seeing if it’s male or female now that it’s maturing. In this simple mockup the scoring was standard, but we tweaked the likelihood of getting productive letters higher than usual.

Also standing out

About the same time, we saw a report of a white grizzly bear grazing beside a highway near Banff, Canada. This 6-year-old has gained quite a following over the years. Her coloration is a natural though rare passing phase. And one of only three known white dolphins in the world just made the news due to another sighting, too. Local hero and international celebrity Casper is about 9 years old. No one has yet glimpsed his eyes to determine if he’s albino or not. Below are some words that patently didn’t score anything in these sample games. We call it faux-cabulary, and it’s just for kicks to liven up these demos.

Albino panda user iPad portrait screenshot
Here’s a device we haven’t shown yet – an iPad 12.9 inch 6th generation

Movin’ on sideways

Quemoted: Having received ambiguous new work responsibilities or descriptions without actually knowing whether it’s a promotion, demotion or otherwise.
Sherate: Jagged; Full of pointed peaks and valleys.
Cradet: A toddler transitioning from the crawling to walking stage.
Ratome: Decor, lighting, furnishings, etc., that give a room or building its distinctive character.
Moterp: A (usually flat) object that, naturally or by design, rolls or slides atop rolling logs, stones or pebbles. Anything from a shoe slipping on gravel to heavy slabs presumably used to build the Pyramids.
Pretome: (Of an artist or scribe’s eyesight, back condition, imagination, etc.) Before producing a major work or tome.

Albino panda Blu Yonder iPad landscape screenshot
Blu Yonder, the app’s built-in adversary, scored 102 under the same conditions. You can always switch from portrait to landscape orientation and back.


Gerane: Conforming to standard classification or categorization; Suited to an empirical approach or treatment.
Perasote: A layered surface accumulation or coating.
Detose: Disinterested; Having no vested interest.
Aperane: Transparent but having color, as cellophane.
Cetosane: Having a roof or ceiling.
Geparu: Revealed or unveiled by removal of drapes, cloths, etc.

Albino panda user screenshot 2
More screen time for a new device. We’ve shown iPhone 14 Pro Max, but this is an iPhone 14 Pro. Note how we alternated consonants and vowels – a good general strategy.

An acquired taste

Humylose: (Of vegetation) typical of a jungle or tropical rainforest climate.
Smyloh: A card game of chance and psychology.
Vimite: A nutritious Finnish fish paste spread on sandwiches, etc.
Crited: Vetted; Thoroughly checked for qualification.
Nurily: As a formality; Ostensibly; Perfunctorily. For decorum’s sake.
Desolin: Abandoned; Dried up; Like a ghost town.

Albino panda Blu Yonder screenshot 2
Blu Yonder didn’t fare much better. This variation isn’t very knotty, so scores tend to be lower. We might increase the letter quality even more if it’s ever released.


Minetus: A small amount of exerted force or pressure.
Cinet: A wooden chair with back slats or rods.
Histinor: An embarrassing story from childhood your family will never let you forget, such as getting your head stuck in a cinet with barely a minetus of effort.
Retusin: An agreement representing a return to previously agreed upon conditions.
Monisute: Made with a minimum of cutting, as origami, or freeing a child’s head from a cinet.
Uronith: A mineral or stone with magnetic, conductive or other similar physical properties.

Albino panda user screenshot

Charmed, I’m sure

Clanes: Scottish moors.
Chazimed: Enchanted; Mesmerized. Bedazzled.
Nesimic: Stated or framed in a grammatically negative way.
Chass: Chips formed as a byproduct of woodworking or milling.

Albino panda Blu Yonder screenshot

Not an einstein

Zaglanise: To form into a repeated pattern, as on linoleum floor covering.
Cesinal: Coming from underground, as well water.
Sensal: (Of a measurement) Confirmed by direct experience.
Sinase: Having naturally formed cavities or hollowed spaces.


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