Stop and spell the roses

Once was definitely not enough to send out all our Valentine treats, so here to add to the love is a Spell the Roses mockup for your chocolate/heart hangover. It’s just a crude rendering of another variation we’ve had in mind for quite some time, so excuse the sawhorses and dropcloths. A final version would have better letter outlines, etc.. Like the other demos in this series, it may end up as part of an optional extra in-app purchase add-on pack at some point. All variations currently in the app will always remain yours as part of the original purchase. We’ve also got others in the works to add to the main app (again at zero extra charge, as Spell the Coffee and Love Letters were) as time goes on. We’re growing in multiple ways.

Soap gets in your eyes

The roses are followed by a soapy, sudsy take on the game. As it’s hard to tell they’re actually bubbles close up, an image at the bottom shows a wider view to get a general picture. For each of the rose and suds variants, we show both our own and Blu Yonder’s (our built-in opponent’s, with the blue top bar) results using the same pattern and letters. We may tweak the quality of the suds letters in time, as the pattern here surrendered 538 points. As well, we spell out some faux-cabulary scooped out of the aftermath of both games. Just gibberish jetsam that looked like words, which we furnished with meanings that seemed to fit. No points involved, just a way to have a little extra fun, where you’re the judge. Try it yourself!

Spell the Roses user mockup screenshot

Destined to walk alone

The latest pretenders to the thesaurus:

Garing: Garishly glaring: Fluorescent socks were one of the most garing trends of the 1970s, though they did cause a welcome spike in soxognition.(see below)
Boxose: A material similar to cellulose used in the manufacture of cardboard.
Yassed: (Similar terms notwithstanding) Confused, perplexed or flummoxed: Yassed, and we answered…
Soxognise: To recognize the mate of a sock. Socks themselves have some of the worst soxognition abilities, accounting for many a lonely foot covering and perennially buoying hosiery sales.

Spell the Roses Blu Yonder mockup screenshot

Astew: Upset; Agitated; In a dither: The town was all astew over the announcement.
Berst: Simultaneously the best and worst.
Wissey: Pettily resentful: Don’t be wissey, now. You’re better than that.
Dangax: A farming tool resembling a scythe, operated by two people.

Spell the Suds user mockup screenshot
538 points. Maybe we put in too much detergent.

Mundile: Falling back on the familiar out of a fear of success.
Vinder: A turner used for cooking or baking.
Glustate: Any food ingredient added to stimulate the appetite.
Gelinium: A mineral formerly used in the preparation of medicines and digestive supplements.

Spell the Suds Blu Yonder mockup screenshot

From the mouths of tedhogs

Perlant: Silver-tongued; Smooth-talking.
Mey: The sound of a baby tedhog.
Viteral: Of or related to food or provisions: Say what you will about Colonel Mattison’s dogged obsessiveness, the expedition was never lacking in viteral necessities, as evidenced by the ample supplies still intact even after a century at the bottom of the sea.
Sleptin: (20th century proprietary name) An agent used to induce drowsiness: Take Sleptin for that Sleptin feeling 🎶

Wreck of the HMS Labrador showing food supplies in galley
HMS Labrador galley, bakery items on left. No fancy whiskey, but some darn good cornbread was amazingly well-preserved.
Spell the Suds wide shot
Bubbles in mockups are a detail from the left of this patch.


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