Blossom time

The cherry blossoms have mostly shed their petals where we are, so we decided to showcase them in a mockup. We shot petals just as they fell. The usual caveats apply, in this case that the letters and connections are hard to make out. It’s just a quick imagining. The second game uses the recently discovered einstein (lower case) tile we mentioned in an update – a victory for hobbyists. This tile covers a plane but never repeats its pattern, in a process humans outshine computers at recognizing. For both types, we annotate with faux-cabulary, fake words with made-up meanings for the fun of it.

In the tile game, we took a screenshot before placing the last letter. The P would go in the green tile at upper center by the O and N. Yellow tiles, flipped versions of all the others, were blank here, with red, green and blue tiles getting letters. We grayed out edge tiles for visibility, and the blank blue tile at upper right was there by mistake. We set the average usability of letters lower than usual since connections here are tightly meshed, ballooning scores. A trial with more common letters netted over 1000 points. More “island-type” tiles (yellow here) would help too. We used normal rules in each game.

Cherry blossom user mockup

“What a well-reffed game,” said no one ever

Podome: A regular day. Not “one of those days.” Often goes unnoticed, like a well-refereed sports game; Fundamental unit of human history.
Eart: A stone that uncannily gets into your shoe without the least bit of effort, or feeling pain from such a stone: Ow! That earts.
Dopen: A device for keeping out or shooing scorpions from shoes in Australia: Use a dopen if your shoes are in the open and avoid the eart.

Cherry blossom Blu Yonder mockup
Blu Yonder, STB’s built-in opponent with the blue top bar, managed 85 points with the same letters and positions to work with.

These really are words…ornope

Coltet: A jazz group honoring the artistry and legacy of saxophonist John Coltrane.
Poddet: Porridge made from peas.
Opase: (Of a person) Inscrutable or vague as to intention.
Ornope: (Interjection) Maybe not.

Einstein tile user mockup

Well, when people actually used to type on paper

Credge: An inner corner, as of two walls or walls and a floor.
Frusted: Caked or crusted, as a poorly washed plate; Outdated or stubbornly behind-the-times.
Impurge: To purge from within; Conversely, to be absorbed (as into a sponge) after removal (as dirt)
Frumin: Food starch used in canning.
Mustedge: A tool for trimming facial hair.
Smiteen: A receptacle for rejected pages or drafts of novels, etc. Writer’s nemesis and best friend.


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