Play’s place

These are certainly uncertain times. It may seem like there’s no space for games and puzzles like ours when so much is at stake in the world at large. But maybe a few down minutes or hours without a specific purpose have their place. It’s not a shirking of responsibility. Just a realization from experience that a kind of measured disengagement can let us see things in a different light. You’ve probably had a solution come to you after walking away from a problem for a while. It’s like that. We’ve certainly had that happen in the development of the app.

It may not take the form of a “solution” to a “problem.” But it’s always good not to get hung up on the outer shape of things at the expense of essence. A good effect is a good effect. Rather than having a eureka moment, you may just come back from your stroll a little better suited to taking advantage of what comes your way next. Maybe more open to sacrificing a battle in order to win a war. Maybe free of a mental block. Or less distracted. Who knows?

Work and play

Of course, like anything, this is subject to abuse. No work and all play can make Jack forget there are dragons to slay. But extremism in one direction often leads to extremism in the opposite. It can happen across geographies or over time within a single culture or person. Moderation matters. That’s not said out of an attempt to be everyone’s friend. Or to sit on the fence. It’s just hard-won knowledge. And remembering two things at once. Not throwing out the baby with the bath water.

This is all pretty abstract and rambling. We just want to say the counterintuitive, or play, if you will, often has a role to play. The good news is, it may be human nature to ramble off the road and onto that path. Part of our work is to keep an eye and a steady hand on our play.


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