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Development on the app continues apace as we knock down to-do list items one by one. You’ll be glad to know we’ve greatly improved scrolling in the Spell the Coffee variation. We’ve also corrected a boo-boo that caused a small subset of potential formed words not to be found. They were in the ok list but getting clipped. We’re just finishing up one more rotation-related fix, and the release will be out. In the meantime, check out a couple of tips for L and V we teased out from some recent test games. Words appearing in the bubbles in bold.

L for naught

First off, let’s look at the limber letter L. We often use it as the second letter (CL***, PL***, GL***, etc.), especially in an end “fork.” That many fewer consonants need precious vowels. We actually did that in the game below, putting it in the rightmost bubble. In a bit of a slip, or slop, the R came at the end to slap us down. Rats. And we thought fate might be our pal in the lap of luxury. We’d like to have bought a vowel, but that’s a different game.

Spell the Coffee using double-L screenshot 1

When it’s good to get trolled

But if two Ls roll out early, as they did here, it’s sometimes worth it to put them together. We were hoping from early on for caroller and carolled. Though the C never came to our door, we did get trolled, as well as stroller, etc. We also hoped to get parolled, but we gave up and placed the N near the bottom. Just then, the game hurled the P at us. We did get palled and pallor as consolation. Maybe the strain was worth the stain on our final result. The other L ended up with no role. It led nowhere.

Spell the Coffee using double-L screenshot 2

To v, or not to v

One of the harder letters to handle in Spell the Beans is V. We admit to sometimes shoving it off in a lonely corner where it may never, ever join in any run deer games. On the eve of this three-D dev game, though, we let it drive us over the river and through the reed, to a grand total of 282 points. This bold new breed really put a dent in the score. Een without that L again.

Spell the Coffee using V screenshot 1

We derived long words many times over by taking a chance on you, humble V. Dere was never a need to worry. It was rude of us to doubt you, and we’re red-faced about it. You’ve bred confidence and, in the tradition of Veritasium, managed to rend a great unfounded misconception asunder. A little, anyway. Ere long we may scorn you again. But you urn our respect in the end.

Spell the Coffee using double-L screenshot 2


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