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March is almost here, so those of us in the northern hemisphere have nature’s annual update to look forward to. It’s been a cold winter where we are, and while we don’t want to jump the gun (or the groundhog), any real signs of change will be welcome. It’s tempting to look around to see if the clouds have a little different shape, or whether there’s a hint of color among the green that wasn’t there before. Maybe a new birdsong will catch our ear. Even local pollen allergies, pervasive and dreaded as they are, may already be tickling our noses to let us know change is in the air. Bring it on. We’re ready.

Change comes at different paces in different places. If you’re still feeling cabin fever for whatever reason, why not snuggle down with the app for some extended bean and coffee spelling to tide you over? Even random tapping should elicit a few words, so you really don’t have to think at all, unless you want to. And in that case you can think your heart out. And even if you’re not in it for the competition, seeing what Blu Yonder came up with costs you only a tap of the switch icon at the top center-right. The one that shows up after you’ve finished a game.

i is for info

And if you haven’t already, look around at what else you can do. A delve into the user guide, triggered by tapping the “i” icon at bottom center, can get you tips on scoring and strategy. For that matter, have you checked out our screenshots page? You might glean some hints there as well. Or just be inspired to try out a different color scheme (tap the creamer (“Settings”) icon at bottom right, then “change theme,” navigate, “check,” and “OK”). Long-tap the creamer for stats. Don’t forget tapping the score toggles through the number of words and longest word. And remember you can share your results and screenshots with others using the top center-left share icon.

And if by chance you’re new or haven’t gotten around to playing outside the beans, open up the world of spilling and spelling in bubbles of hot coffee by long-pressing the “New Game” button at bottom left. Swipe left in a row and tap a checkmark to select a variation, and tap “Done.” Swiping right reveals a description of the variation. The key is to swipe a row, then take some action with a tap. Then you’re “Done.” The more variations we can produce as time goes on, the more useful the “Reorder” feature will be.

Spring forward

Anyway, remember to set your clocks ahead if your locale does that, check your smoke detectors as many customarily do at the same time, and, hey, update Spell the Beans if you haven’t recently. We’re always making improvements and trying to sort out things that can be better. As always, simply rotating your device for a second can resolve a display issue. And deleting the app and re-downloading is a good way to clear out any problems that may carry over across updates. March forward, tap happy, and watch words happen. Achoo.


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