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Just a bit of website news and a few more examples of new game mode Cyrano today. We’ve added a new page to the site, STB Video Guides, to introduce new users to features of the app. We’ll also plan to illustrate strategy and tips by way of recorded complete games. The first video, shown below, is a walkthrough, shaky hands and all, with one complete unrehearsed game of Love Letters. We considered putting the video in the app itself, but it would have ballooned the size dramatically. Accessing the video online within the app was doable, but we like keeping the app offline as it’s always been. People who don’t have the app can get some exposure this way, too.

With that, get set for twenty new faux-cabulary words in the test games below. These are fake words and definitions gleaned from among the game’s aftermath just for the fun of it. The first game, appearing in the top two screenshots, is a closely contested affair on iPhone 14 Pro Max. We edged out built-in opponent Blue Yonder, with blue top bar, by 13 points, striking another blow for competitiveness. The remaining three games feature just our results, on a 9th generation iPad.

Cyrano user screenshot 236 points

Going hiral

Bunsor: A padded swinging door, as used in restaurant kitchens.
Laresin: A reclining outdoor lounge chair.
Crosins: Wrinkles at the corners of the eyes.
Hiral: Newly viral, as a fresh meme.

Cyrano Blu Yonder screenshot 223 points

Stepping off the stage

Hinse: Sarcasm, with hints of wordplay and perhaps a bit of shade, not at all like this definition.
Carelum: A space designed, marked or designated for an individual.
Harise: A dance performed as entertainment which involves the performer venturing into the audience to lightly interact.
Muler: One who breeds mules.

Cyrano user screenshot 292 points

To the rim

Grelate: A novice; an apprentice.
Reast: Full; Replete; Riddled: This faux-cabulary list is beginning to be reast with nouns.
Arlinky: Nonsense; Talk meant to distract, as a red herring.
Naster: (A) necessary evil endured for the greater good.

Cyrano user screenshot 131 points

Summertime blues

Junkit: A cancelled trip.
Matis: Cash; Paper money; Bills; Banknotes.
Laig: A buttermilk and rum drink, spiced with nutmeg and cloves.
Malesia: Summer doldrums felt during the dog days; Heat exhaustion.

Cyrano user screenshot 183 points

Case closed

Critate: To methodically debunk.
Selatily: Gently; Quietly.
Horetal: Hourly.
Taleric: Epic; Legendary; Of mythic proportions.


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