Now on Android™!

New for Summer, we’re thrilled to announce the highly anticipated rollout of Spell the Beans 1.0.0 for Android™. To mark the occasion, we’ll share a few Android device emulator screenshots accompanied by our standard faux-cabulary treatment. For the uninitiated, these are “words” we picked out that weren’t in a dictionary, whose definitions we made up too. Kind of a game beyond the game that keeps us amused when our efforts don’t always score actual points.

Featured here are a Pixel 7 Pro, a skinned generic 7-inch tablet, and a 9.94-inch Pixel C tablet. The first shot, with the blue top bar, happens to be of Blu Yonder’s results. That’s your device when you choose to play against it. The other four, with top bars of respective color schemes, are our own doing in the course of test games. Only Blu Yonder has the blue top bar, so you’ll always know which you’re looking at. Although Blu’s approach and beatability varies by game mode (beans, spills, candy hearts, etc.), AI is never involved.

Android Robot

Performance update

After resolving initial matters with 8-Spot and Cyrano, some performance issues with Android deployment persist, depending on processing speeds. In particular, 8-Spot and Cyrano may take 15 to 20 seconds or more to create a new puzzle pattern. This is especially true for the first game after switching from other modes (continuing in the same mode is better). Startup time when first opening the app on Android is also considerable, even after the beans appear.

Until we’re fully satisfied with overall performance, we’re going with the Play Store’s bracketed currency exchange rate system. For customers, this means reduced average prices across all markets worldwide versus a more fine-tuned approach rounding exchange rates. Moving forward, we’ll continue to identify ways to improve performance for a comparable experience across platforms.

Blu Yonder screenshot, Spell the Coffee on Android Phone
Spell the Beans, now on an Android device near you!

Siwy wabbits don’t caretol

Vontle: A nickname given to a newly acquired sports phenom or performer who never actually lives up to the hype.
Wolist: A person who rejects something simply because it’s popular.
Caretol: Alcohol made from carrots.
Selten: Salted or pickled.

User screenshot, Love Letters on 10" Android Tablet

Thufferin’ humash

Humash: Succotash made with hummus, or corn mash made from subsequent fermentation. Immortalized in the traditional song “Jimmy Crack Garbanzos and I Don’t Caretol.”
Litone: The warm orange glow of campfire or fireplace embers.
Fenocoke: A mild stimulant found in some herb teas. Named for the coastal island where it was first cultivated.
Bundet: A package, pack or sack bound by straps; a convenient soundbite for news media.

User screenshot, 8-Spot on 10" Android Tablet

They’d rather have the box it came in

Bruck: Branches gathered and placed by a beaver; similar materials used in making temporary camping shelters.
Pertone: To edit or reword (as a speech, announcement or press release) to make more palatable or less antagonistic.
Curine: An eye drop medication to relieve iritation due to hay fever.
Petoon: An expensive or elaborate bed, compartment or cushion bought especially for a beloved pet, presented with relative ceremony and expectation, sniffed at once and thereafter routinely ignored.

User screenshot, Spell the Beans
A generic 7-inch tablet, skinned


Funtser: A professional practical joker or prankster.
Wignib: A wet blanket; a party pooper.
Wordest: The entry in a list of faux-cabulary most likely to be a word. Clearly not this one.
Gradein: Degrading wood from fallen trees that has halfway returned to soil.

User screenshot, Cyrano on 7" Tablet

I swear I saw that horse talking

Bunose: Having the shape, coloring and finish of a bun: The princess’s full, flaxen hair was positively bunose.
Prisant: A nosy neighbor, co-worker, etc., in a situation comedy who is constantly suspicious of the main character’s secret power. Such characters may resort to witch-peeping or recording your Palomino calling a radio station in an apple giveaway contest.(We were just making that up, but it turns out Mr. Ed did phone in to a radio contest once. Neigh-h-h-bor Roger is there too in the clip)
Finno: Something that looks threatening but turns out to be harmless; a false alarm.
Ison: A subatomic particle predicted to exist as a symmetrical opposite of another.

Now supporting the newest iPads, too

On the iOS side, recently released version 1.6.6 brings support for the latest iPads. We’ve also decided to display the status bar (time, date, etc.) on all home buttonless iPads.


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