Think of it as a glass bottle of ketchup by the BBQ

Once you’ve opened it, Spell the Beans should remain in the background like most apps, instantly opening in the state you left it. It can, however, drop out of the background (for example, when you completely power down your device), and when it does, although it reopens in virtually the same state you left it in, it will take noticeably longer than when it’s been in the background. Apple’s recent announcement that apps may load up to twice as fast as before in iOS 13 is welcome news for apps like ours that use a little different way of doing things and come with a time penalty. Besides benefiting from Apple’s boost, we’re hoping to decrease the app’s load time in future updates as time allows. In the meantime, thanks for bearing with us, and enjoy the sizzle, drizzle, and (sometimes slow-drip) slather.


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