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Building on the speed improvements in the current 1.4.2, version 1.4.3, coming soon, will make play even faster. Below, a screenshot of 1.4.3 after it deftly handled one of those delectably knotty bean patterns full of neighboring polygons with no lag. The best part: This part of the speed enhancement is already in 1.4.2.

Blu Yonder 769 point score screenshot

Double indemnity, and ensuring a good fit

As a tip, strategy-wise, you can see how doubling up on the first letter I in ‘insurancers’ helped balloon Blu Yonder’s 769 score. An R-U-R sandwich along the way did the same thing. Simply one more S at the end might have knocked the score over 1000. We’ve always known fitting that kind of score in the beany ellipse up top would pose a problem (vertical alignment issue, oddly enough). Maybe we’ll fit a provision for that in 1.4.3.

Coming sooner

Aside from the New Game button bringing spilled hot coffee to your table even more quickly in 1.4.3, Blu Yonder will serve up its solution sooner in the bean variation too. In fact, Blu’s bean solution was always ready as soon as you finished with your own, but a process of preparing an emergency Blu Yonder solution as insurance meant having a delay in showing the main one. We think we’ve hashed that out.

In the spill/bubble variation, Blu Yonder’s answer always tended to show up sooner, although for now, it will sometimes be outdone by the newly sped-up beans when there are complex bubble patterns and high scores. This has been to avoid any lag when you’re entering your own letters in the bubbles.


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