Futura plans

We’ve had a request to make the app available for Android, and are currently exploring the possibility. In a very preliminary test on an emulator, most of the functions were working, though we forgot the Futura typeface is not available by default on Android, so what you see here in this raw screenshot is the default typeface, which has some spacing problems, etc.. Shown here is a Pixel 2 emulator running Oreo. Minimum supported OS would probably be 4.1 (Jelly Bean). Including Futura should be doable. Social network sharing unfortunately probably wouldn’t be available on any early Android release.

Spell the Beans on Android (Oreo) Pixel 2 emulator
We were trying for seed and anise, but didn’t see aniseed coming!

No promises here, but we’ll see if we can get an Android version out the door sometime somewhat soon. Mac desktop and Windows are possibilities as well.


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