Has this 20th century icon’s brand awareness fallen this far?

The typos take us today to digitaltrends.com’s coverage of a new product from “Kodiak,” the venerable but humbled film and camera giant from way up north in Rochester, New York.

digitaltrends.com  headline screenshot: "Kodiak's Mobile Film Scanner..."

The nifty scanner from the corporation widely considered a poster child for mishandling the analog-digital transition gives an easy way to transfer old analog negatives or prints to digital format in lieu of a dedicated flatbed scanner.

We do feel safe in assuming the Alaskan island of Kodiak has not felt fit to foray into the imaging industry, despite stunning natural beauty and an eponymous TV series running a distant valiant third to niche show Kolchak, the Night Stalker and smash hit Kojak in the Fall 1973 US TV season (network spies must have been busy that year). We don’t recall if any of the shows were sponsored by Kodak, although it’s fair to say Tootsie Pops got an undeniable boost from at least one of them. Who loves ya, Telly?


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