Category: Shoulda spelled my beans

Addition by subtraction

Now you C it, now you don’t.

It’s two for one time

The good news: It’s getting rarer to spot. Really.

More than necessary

That was then.

Another interplanetary misfire

Don’t you hate when that happens?

Says who?

In space, no one can hear you… No, not going there.

Not to be, or to be

We issue a very passive warning.

Getting possessive about chips

Sometimes it’s best to check one more time.

100 out of 104 ain’t bad

These formidable villains include an awol possessive apostrophe trained in character assassination, a balloon lacking oxygen, and one too few toos.

Has this 20th century icon’s brand awareness fallen this far?

Someone get Kojak on the case. Or even Kolchak.

Quick-thinking cow nabs suspect, preposition still at large

Now if some agile goat could just track down the fugitive preposition.

Robot hat trick

Or do all these bot stories just mean the Singularity is here?

Another robot writeup red-penner

Read about LEMUR-3, Ice Worm, RoboSimian, and micro-climbers, all inspired by nature.

You can’t hide this monster mistake

It actually looked pretty Scottish. We could almost hear the brogue.

An indefinite article

Is it Giotto or Mr. Robotto?

Signs of desire to communicate, though barriers to verbal agreement exist

The grammar police catch a police grammar misdemeanor.

Missing the mark

Living lives of quiet perspiration.

A funny thing happened on the way

We audition for an editing job.