A funny thing happened on the way

And now for something that may or may not become a regular thing here. We might call it “Shoulda Spelled My Beans.” All the time these days Occasionally on the Internet, we notice little misspellings, typos, or grammar goofs that, perhaps if someone had sharpened their mind a little more with a cup of coffee or maybe ten minutes playing a word game, could have made fine journalism finer had they not happened. One such recent example was from a time.com article on a man who had a run-in at the running of the bulls in Pamplona, Spain.

The three stopped in Pamplona to check out the famous San Fermin festival while in route to another city where the couple’s son was playing in a soccer tournament.

Unless there’s an alternate spelling we’re unaware of, that should probably be en route. We know these writers and editors do a fine job and can’t catch everything, so it’s more just the rants of a frustrated would-be proofreader latching onto something out there in current public view that’s vaguely related to the game.


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