Missing the mark

From the running of the bulls to a race pitting hapless plastic prehistoric reptiles against one another and themselves. Quite a leap on the surface perhaps (not to mention on the streets of Pamplona or a Tacoma area T-bred track), but it’s all in the game we’ve begun of catching spelling slip-ups in the wilds of the web for blatant ridicule shameless self-promotion. Today’s tyrannical typo/spello/punctuation peccadillo comes from nerdist.com, one of several outlets covering a recent wacky race among a bunch of intrepid northwesterners wearing T-Rex costumes:

Dressing up as an apex predator doesn’t give you the grace of one, especially when an actual dinosaur can control it’s neck while you are running around with the equivalent of a big plastic bag blurring your vision.

This article, we must say, is a good example of our kind of writing, on which we often enough miss the mark, so we could just as well be poking fun at ourselves. Maybe it was even a bot that tossed in the asteroidal apostrophe that got caught in its gravity. We can also sympathize with the contestants in the race itself, as we can attest from personal experience that plodding around in a pumped-up Godzilla getup on Halloween is no prancing picnic, though it can stand in as a stylish and thoroughly serviceable portable sauna with an unparalleled view of several robust white incisors, should you ever need one. Underneath it all, we’re all the same, just lanky polyethylene lizards trying to expose as little of our human selves as possible.


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