Another robot writeup red-penner

In the midst of the moving 50th anniversary of the first moon landing (reliving the adventure in real time was what made the experience so special, using the same time scale with all its dead air static, mission mundanity and occasional profanity, but simply shifting a nice, round fifty years), reported on NASA’s future robotic Mars explorers. In the possible rush to publish, it okayed this “Shoulda Spelled My Beans“-worthy headline: headline screenshot: "NASA's Robots Now Includes..."

The innovation-focused article on the Jet Propulsion Laboratory’s nature-inspired efforts is re-headlined here, although the url still includes the subject-verb disagreement.

By the way, we’ve corrected our own foul-up in the newly-released Spell the Beans version 1.0.2. It fixes a problem that crept into version 1.0.1 solely because of a version control snafu. Update recommended for all users.

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