Robot hat trick

Today we call out one of our longtime favorite websites,, for boldfaced boo-boos in the headline as well as the body of their recent report on a novel anti-telemarketer service called the Jolly Roger Telephone Company. The subscription service uses speech recognition and AI bots to answer, stall, stonewall, confuse, confound, gaslight and generally run out the clock on human telemarketers. A refreshing use of AI.

Somehow in the original article, part of one version of the headline got snipped out, perhaps the result of a copy/paste typo. At last check, the omission had gone unrepaired: headline screenshot: "...telemarketer spends 15 minutes to a bot"

It sounds like these bots are really learning to run interference and exasperate unsolicited callers. Obviously language is the highest hurdle for AI, but perhaps bots can be trained to spot this kind of typo as well. The second sentence below completes the twofer: article screenshot: "In these recording,..."

As ever, the big picture on these little lapses is, sites like boingboing provide an invaluable journalistic service basically for free, and we appreciate and support them all the way. These bugaboo chroniclings just provide a tiny toehold to add our voice to the blogosphere.

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