Getting possessive about chips

No link today, because our typo radar homed in on a real world nacho no-no for your crunching pleasure. Whoever signed off on this package of Doritos for export (purchased solely for the purpose of public edification, we assure you. The contents were carefully analyzed, processed, and stored for future reference) might have to stay after school and write ‘its’ 100 times on the whiteboard.

Doritos for export bag copy: "...bring out it's best flavor..."

While we won’t attempt to dispute any claim about Doritos that “it’s best,” we don’t think that’s what anyone had in mind when the ink started flowing on these 160 gram packages of triangular sun-toasted fun. Someone needs to lift their head up from the guacamole long enough to keep stray apostrophes from possibly tipping the balance in favor of the whole universe contracting. Every little it(s) helps.


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