Version 1.0.7 released; Robust to iOS 13.2

The latest version of Spell the Beans significantly cuts the opening time to a maximum of about three seconds. Download now! We continue to work on other improvements as well.

Another way to improve speed within the game itself if you’re finding latency in the bean-tapping response is to turn off “Play Blu Yonder” in Settings (unless of course you want to play Blu Yonder). As you’re tapping beans and placing letters, the app is working behind the scenes to create Blu Yonder’s solution, and in fact to generate the next puzzle, all at the same time. Cutting that workload if it’s not all needed should give better response.

Update: On a related general note, articles on The Verge and MacRumors have been appearing regarding people’s experience with powerful new iOS 13.2 – the OS is kicking apps out of the background/switching/multitasking state much more than before, causing people to lose data when they return from switching apps because the original app has to restart. You’ll be glad to know Spell the Beans was built to handle exactly that kind of thing from the beginning, so even if it does have to restart (again, taking no more than a couple of seconds), little or no data should be lost.


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