Two ways to play

To start off 2021, version 1.3.2 gives you a whole new way enjoy the game. Now you can have more chances to beat Blu Yonder, while still smelling the coffee, with Spell the Coffee, a variation that lets you place letters in the bubbles of a coffee spill instead of in coffee beans. The random pattern of bubbles has more interconnections than the original Spell the Beans (more bang for your bubble), and Blu Yonder uses a tamer strategy with more consistent scoring. You may even win tapping at random.

To play Spell the Coffee, just long-press the New Game button to bring up the game manager. Then firmly swipe left on “Spell the Coffee,” tap the revealed check mark, and tap “Done.” Swiping right on a game variation reveals an info icon which can be tapped for info on that variation. Tapping “Reorder” instead of “Info/Select” allows you to grab the three-bar reorder icons and drag rows vertically to reorder or group variations as you choose. The currently selected variation will always be highlighted in olive. Switch whenever you like. Separate stats will be kept for each variation since typical scoring differs.

Besides opening the door for new variations with varied rules and themes, version 1.3.x contains numerous fixes and improvements over 1.1.x. So embrace your inner toddler and spill away to keep the coffee flowing and that brain caffeinated. We’ll count the words and clean up the mess.


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