Category: General interest

A chilly spell

A special recipe.

We try AI

We embiggen the wordlist with new additions.

Beyond words

And who can forget the hit song, Someday Soon, Cincy?

Man with a mission

NASA JPL and Apple’s loss is our gain.

The append zone

More language in limbo.

Getting physical

Analog watching.

Inspired words

Will the real impostors please stand up?

Words from the heart

We heart this game.

You can make this stuff up

That tossing game was a sight to see. Waterbeds should never have been allowed, though. Just sayin’.

A moderated discussion

Game tips and a peek behind the scenes.

Fictionary words

This is a game of making words, right? Bonus aspic recipe included.

Lots available in LL

Een? Ere? We know, Ouch. Anyway, V not afraid of LL beans.

Play’s place

Some work and some play.

Look around

User guide tl;dr? NBD. No need to RTM. Let us fill you in PDQ to get every drop of SSP (spilling and spelling pleasure) out of STB.

The coffee speaks

When life gives you ditsy, roll with it. Long live Betty White.

Stand up and be counted

Cats are cute, but math’s a hoot.

Practically sublime

Everything you never knew you wanted to know.

How not to spill stuff in the office

You’re gonna need a bigger kettle.

Sudoku kudos

Spread the joy.

Science is where you bump into it

We’ve got the scoop on the 2021 Ig Nobel Awards.

Current version is acting erratically

Important note: After testing out the latest version more thoroughly than previously, we’ve found it’s acting very erratically on both iPhone and iPad. We don’t know at what point (between versions) this behavior crept in, but if you haven’t updated to the latest version (1.3.9), it’s probably better not to. These things happen despite the …

The new world record is what?!

Candy is dandy, but beans are pretty mean, too.

Be ready when your ship comes in

Keep that mind in ship shape.