Current version is acting erratically

Important note: After testing out the latest version more thoroughly than previously, we’ve found it’s acting very erratically on both iPhone and iPad. We don’t know at what point (between versions) this behavior crept in, but if you haven’t updated to the latest version (1.3.9), it’s probably better not to. These things happen despite the best of efforts. Things that were fine before stop working between versions for any number of reasons, even when the only intended change was an edit to some text.

Just playing the Spell the Beans variation (the default style with beans, not spilled liquid coffee) does seem to be okay, though we haven’t checked all scenarios. See below for help on getting the app back to a semblance of usability if it’s gotten out of kilter. For now, we do recommend sticking with the default bean variation until a new version is out. We’re working on it now.

Troubleshooting in the meantime

As mentioned in the app user guide and website FAQ, if the app should become sluggish or unresponsive, or has an odd appearance, there are two options: 1) use the app switcher (drag up from the bottom of the screen, hold, and release on devices without a physical home button; or double-tap the home button on pre-iPhone X devices) to find and flick the app’s screen image upward and out of the background. This will cause the app to reopen (in the state you last used it) next time you open it; or 2) in intractable cases, delete and re-download/re-install the app (re-downloading is always free of charge).

Thanks for your patience, everyone. We hope to get a workable version out as soon as possible, even if it means temporarily disabling the Spell the Coffee variation. Please bear with us as we try to sort this out. Thank you!!

App Switcher
The app switcher – We’ve all used it, but many don’t know the name

By the way, a recent reviewer of the app seemed to think connectivity might be an issue. Please be assured the app does not use any internet connection at all. You’ll find it works the same in airplane mode as out of airplane mode. Please give it a try.


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  1. […] We removed a problem that slipped into the app between versions 1.3.7 and 1.3.8 (and carried over to 1.3.9), and version 1.4.0 is now available on the App Store. Thanks for your patience as we zeroed in on it. Because of this issue, some previous users may wish to delete the app before updating to 1.4.0 to avoid carrying over issues. If the app was in an intractable state, we recommend this. As stated on the website as well as in the user guide, deleting and re-downloading will cause stats to be reset, so if this is an issue, please try other methods first such as using the app switcher to flick the app out of the rotation, as described here. […]

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