You can make this stuff up

Besides the real words we make and score with in the game, we sometimes like to roll out a few almost-words that could or should mean something, but don’t. Enjoy more faux-cabulary today along with our phony definitions. And independent of your score, feel free to make up your own on the side. You might find better opportunities with Spell the Coffee than the beans.

Spell the Coffee 105 points with stuff you can make up, like FOFO

FOFO: Fear of flaming out. Common to last-chance startups after funding but before the goods are delivered.
Spligs: One’s cabin, hut, lean-to or bungalow: Nice spligs you got here, Dave.
Demilled: (Of a movie, presentation, performance, etc.) Turned into great spectacle, like some Cecil B. DeMille productions: The whole opening night was pretty demilled this year, wouldn’t you say?

Spell the Coffee 217 points with stuff you can make up, like TOSSO

Backs were thrown out, but so were the lawsuits

Cloab: A large slab of kneaded dough before it’s been cut into sections.
Tosso: A discontinued family yard game involving tossing objects toward a target. First, things around the home no one can agree on whether to keep or get rid of are gathered, as after spring cleaning. Then, depending on how close to the target they land after being thrown, they’re tossed out or kept. Variations included substituting questionable food items from the refrigerator. TV ads featured a dapper Don Adams as pitchman for a brief period in the 1970s. Ultimately doomed by threats of lawsuits related to large furniture and slipped disks in a forgotten scandal largely overshadowed by the emerging Pet Pumpkin phenomenon.
Bassoli: (Musical notation) Solos performed on acoustic or electric bass.
Crites: (Informal) Criteria.

Spell the Coffee 170 points

Pass the fladine, Billy Jean

Fladine: A small ceramic pitcher for pouring sweet sauce over light foods, as syrup over pancakes. We weren’t leaving without a food reference.
Artendal: Used to refer to an injury resulting from overextending the body in a household activity, as when painting on a ladder and being too lazy to move it to reach that last spot. Or, in years past, freezing one’s body in a wholly unnatural position near a TV antenna to bring in a UHF signal clearly, and then stretching more improbably to actually see the picture.
Platota: A rare species of a small, waddling mammal believed to have enjoyed rolling down hills on its own soft eggs before they hatched. Extinct.


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