Latest News and Developments

Signs of desire to communicate, though barriers to verbal agreement exist

The grammar police catch a police grammar misdemeanor.

Missing the mark

Living lives of quiet perspiration.

A funny thing happened on the way

We audition for an editing job.

Word is out

It’s great to be on the App Store!

Lost garbanzos and idiomatic transmission

It came down to shape, sharpness, and human history.

Bean there

Location, location, location.

Think of it as a glass bottle of ketchup by the BBQ

Or a tight jar of pickles. Occasionally maddening, but dillicious and worth the wait.

Scottish lint* and everyday people

See words you don’t know? Don’t sweat it.

The avalanche

Nothing beats the feeling when one letter changes meh to magnificent.

Keep those letters coming

A word about the letters you see on Spell the Beans.

To your own devices

Got an iPad Pro 12.9-inch (3rd generation)? We’re getting you covered.

Site taking shape

Putting some time into making the website while the app is in testing..