Spell the Elephants?

By now you may have heard about the herd of wild elephants wandering around China, leaving a trail of bemused netizens, contused crops, and confused car dealers in their wake. The latest images show the bushwhacked band snoozing en masse in a verdant spring forest, where we wonder what the snoring might have been like. With all that running and roaming, they deserved to be spelled from their forest management duties for a spell.

That and the way the tuckered tuskers seem to nestle so snugly, perhaps to conserve body heat, got us to thinking of a new variation for the app (not that we don’t have a trunkful as it is). Instead of bubbles or beans, imagine putting your letters on 25 comfortably packed napping pachyderms happily dreaming of eternal watering holes and peanuts perpetually within trunk’s reach. We actually considered using elephants somehow before, but this may push Spell the Elephants closer to a reality.

Although in this particular case there may be ethical wildlife conservation implications that preclude using the situation for a game, the general notion of sleeping elephants certainly seems fair to us. And while getting the physics of randomly spooning, slumbering behemoths on short notice is beyond our current limited resources, we might be able to finagle a one-off fixed image with normal random letter generation for a quickie cheapo Spell the Elephants variation update. The Game Manager is there and re-orderable for a reason. Coffee was always just a jumping off point, and mixing current memes into the fold was always a possibility. Stay tuned.


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